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It was so fun to release our first single, "All it Takes is Time!" Please download the song here, or listen and subscribe on Spotify, iTunes, or YouTube. We're releasing a song a month, so if anyone in your world would enjoy our music, please share the links with them. You have our deepest thanks. - Joselyn & Don

Sometimes a song tells a story, about the listener, the artist, or what’s happening in the here and now. Sometimes it does all three. “All it Takes is Time” from modern folk duo, Joselyn & Don, is that sort of song. The Americana/roots inspired single, set to be released February 25, uses the Missouri River in their native Montana as a metaphor for the forces that unite or divide us, from our closest relationships to partisan differences too big to cross. “I would swim out to meet you, if you would do the same,” Joselyn sings, in a soulful voice that hints of country, blues and confessional folk. Don’s “travis style” fingerpicked guitar perfectly complements her tenor ukulele, while outlaw electric guitar riffs cue the listener that there is more to this project than acoustic Americana. 

The debut full-length album from Joselyn & Don, “Hollywood Angel,” due out later this year, is planted in American roots, and fittingly, branches out into folk rock, sophisticated ballads and soul. The music video for “All it Takes is Time” will premiere March 2nd. It was directed by Joselyn’s brother, feature film documentary director, Spencer Wilkinson. “We stumbled onto the perfect location in Malibu Creek, he says, “The mist rising off the water and delicate fall colors became characters in the song.” 

Joselyn & Don have been making music as long as they can remember – just not necessarily together. The couple stayed busy - Joselyn with her African fusion band, ADAAWE and her work in arts education, and Don as film editor for “The Simpsons” and freelance trumpet player. Raising their young son, Joselyn found it tricky to balance motherhood and work, and put aside her original music for several years. But she always kept a pen and notebook handy to catch ideas as they came. Luckily, she found her best collaborator across the dinner table. It didn’t take much convincing for Don to pick up his Taylor guitar to interpret Joselyn’s piano arrangements, and co-write several new tunes. “It was clear that these songs needed to be out in the world,” he said. 

The pair converted their garage in Los Angeles into a recording studio, filled with their collection of instruments and vintage gear. The upcoming album was recorded in their own Garden Studios, with Don on guitars, drums, horns and bass, and friends Eliza Jane Schneider and Janna Matteoli lending fiddle and background vocals. Besides her vocals and songwriting, Joselyn adds ukulele, keys and various hand drums. “This new project is rooted in my early upbringing in Montana listening to bluegrass and folk, and my connection to nature.” That connection features prominently in several songs on “Hollywood Angel,” and is told from a deeply personal point of view. “I’m writing better songs now than I did in my 20’s,” Joselyn shares, “Motherhood and the challenges I’ve faced in life have enriched my work. Being a musician and sharing your art should be something you can do at any age, because our experience of being human is constantly changing.” 

Joselyn & Don have developed their live show the past two years, supporting leading Americana artists, Willie Watson, the Living Sisters, Rose’s Pawn Shop and Chris Stills, and performing in local festivals and venues. They love connecting directly with audiences, and are planning a regional tour in May 2020 through Los Angeles and Central California, in support of the upcoming album. Joselyn & Don are a refreshing new voice in modern folk, combining exceptional songs with strong musicianship, delivered straight from the heart.

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