Joselyn Wilkinson with Don Barrozo

Modern Folk

stripped down, sophisticated songs, explore the crossroads between folk and soul, life and dreams, past and present

Joselyn and Don have traveled musically divergent paths, beginning in their native Montana, through years of musical exploration in Los Angeles, and have arrived “home again” with a new project that brings them together. Joselyn is a singer, songwriter and percussionist, who founded women’s world music band, ADAAWE, opening for artists like James Brown and Mickey Hart, while touring the U.S. She released two albums of original music, “ShapeShifting” and “Chance for Rain,” to rave reviews and independent radio airplay, supported by performances at festivals, colleges and clubs. In this new project, Joselyn is joined by her husband, Don Barrozo, a multi-instrumentalist who supported artists like Jill Sobule and fronted his solo trumpet project while also serving as the film editor for “The Simpsons.”​

Together, Joselyn and Don explore the crossroads between modern folk and soul, life and dreams, past and present. Simple, elegant arrangements use creative orchestration to showcase Joselyn’s soulful voice. The duo performs live in Southern California at regional festivals, events and venues, and has opened for artists including Willie Watson and Chris Stills. Their sound is warm, earthy, moody, evocative, and lovely. Watch for a debut 2019 album release!

Photography by Taso Papadakis

With passionate delivery, Joselyn and Don wrap rich pleasing vocals and just enough instrumental accompaniment around compelling lyrics that range from reflective to socially relevant to playful. This is music for the ears and the heart, but also the mind and soul. ”

— - Taran Schindler, Grand Annex Music Hall, CA

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