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Joselyn Wilkinson is a songwriter, performer, teaching artist and creative consultant. She is committed to sharing the beauty and power of music with audiences and with the next generation, while staying on the artist's path, writing, performing and collaborating.



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Taking a deep breath now - hummmmmm - and taking the plunge! Here we go with a new website, a new attitude and new music to share,. I chose the image, "Metamorphosis" by 17th Century artist and citizen scientist Maria Merian in my theme because it is breathtakingly beautiful, and also because it expresses the never-ending transformations in our life, and how what no longer feeds us, becomes nourishment for the next stage. And hopefully, we all get to spread our butterfly wings and fly, for at least a moment! 

You may not have heard from me for a while, but I sure have been busy, leading programs in the art education world, performing with ADAAWE (7 women of the drum and voice), and writing and recording with my best partner, Don Barrozo, in our own Garden Studios. The seeds have been planted, and we're branching out! We have new music for ya, and my slate of arts and education workshops is in full swing. Check it out, download a free song, and let us know what you think! Can't wait to share a new album with you, coming soon...